Monday, May 7, 2012

Just Do It

I just got home from a photography workshop in Manhattan which was held at the Radio City Music Hall. I was a bit nervous about going as I'd never done anything like this before. However if I want to improve my photographic skills, I need to ante up and step outside the box. I also traveled to Manhattan alone, taking the bus down on Saturday morning and staying overnight so that I could be on time at the workshop on Sunday morning. This was a first time experience also. I'm happy to say all went well. The workshop was intimidating at first as many of the women in the group had taken workshops with this instructor before and were very comfortable "taking space". I hung back a bit but by the end of rhe workshop, I, too, was able to "claim my space" and speak up when someone got inside my frame. I first thought these women to be pushy, selfish, and rude, and a couple of them actually were. But then I realized that if I didn't speak up, I was giving them permission to be that way with me. Why would I give anyone that kind of control?  

I think that is one of the things women need to do more of, speak up and "claim your space". Being shy is cute when you're five...when you're fifty, it's a roadblock to full potential. Hanging back is no longer good enough. Women in the 50-ish age bracket spent most of their lives doing the bidding of others and being content to be support mechanisms. Many times we were considered 'self-centered' if we thought of ourselves or 'too independent' if we wanted to do it alone and our way. This type of thinking has to end. Peggie mentioned a great quote, "Proceed until apprehended." Three words which, when combined, tell me its okay to jump on a bus, stay alone in 'the big city', spend money to improve skills for a creative passion and tell some over-bearing semi-professional photographer to 'please move your tripod out of my space'.

So, just do it! Follow your heart, don't listen to the naysayers of the world, and your dreams will come along for the ride.

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