Monday, March 27, 2017

Just thinking

I created this congratulations card for a family member for someone at their work or should I say I created it for a client. Makes one sound more important saying client rather than a family member.
I was thinking........the Owl might make a really cute fabric design minus that blue flower.
What possessed me to plop that flower right there. Ugh!

Just thinking.....hhhhhhhmmmmmmm.
Donna C.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Never Piss Off A Crazy Cat Lady

Checkout Roadside America and go explore the oddities that surround us.

Here is the cursed gravestone of Mary C. Dolencie.
Her final resting place is in the Ancient Cemetery in Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod

Mary C. Dolencie liked to feed stray cats and other small wild animals which apparently alienated her neighbors. To get back at the towns people whom she describes as vilifying her; she included a modern day curse on the back of her gravestone.

"May eternal damnation be upon those in Whaling Port who, without knowing me, have maliciously vilified me. May the curse of God be upon them and theirs."

Donna C.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The unfinished

We all have them, the unfinished story, the unfinished painting, the unfinished sewing project. 
Whatever it may be. We all have them tucked in a draw, closet, on the computer or under the bed.

I have a couple of unfinished stories I wrote years back when my Niece and Nephew were small. 
I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination but little kids don't care. They love to hear a story.

Two of the unfinished stories I started. 
The Black Door
Larry Smarry and Shirley
They have been sitting for years in story limbo.
Now that I re-read them, some of it doesn't even make sense! That's what an Editor is for.

The Black Door
Charlie Beans ran screaming from the house.  The mysterious black door was open for the first time in five years.

The neighbors watched as Charlie ran down the street to his home.  He burst into the front door yelling, “Mom!!!  Dad!!!!  Anyone!!!!  The black door is open” screamed Charlie.

Charlie’s parents raced down from the upstairs where they were playing a game of Dinosauropoly with Charlie’s little brother, Ernie.

“Charlie calm down” said Charlie’s dad, Bud, “What black door?”  “The black door in old man Wilson’s house” yelled Charlie by now out of breath. 

“And just what were you doing in the Wilson’s house young man”? Charlie’s mother, Rose asked.  

“Well you see, Mom, I was coming home from Stu’s house when I noticed one of the curtains in the Wilson’s house move”.  Ernie’s eyes grew bigger.  “There hasn’t been anyone living in that house since…well since old man Wilson vanished.  So how did the curtain move”! Charlie asked.    

“Charlie, it was the probably the wind” his father said.  “But there was no wind, Dad, it’s a hot breezeless summer day” exclaimed Charlie.  "Charlie, you need some nice hot cocoa” his mother said.  “It’s a hot summer day, Mom, I don’t need cocoa.  Is anyone listening to me” Charlie yelled.  “The curtain moved as if someone was trying to look out the window!”

Ernie was hiding under the kitchen table holding his hands over his ears.  “I don’t want to hear anymore.”  “Charlie, you’re scaring your brother” scolded his father. 

“He’ll be a lot more scared when whatever is in the Wilson’s house decides to come out” Charlie said.  After a few minutes of silence, Charlie’s mother asked, “What about the Black Door, Charlie?”  

“Well  Mom, when I saw the curtain move I thought about running home to get one of you, but I figured by the time we got back the ‘thing’ would be gone. So I went into the house."  “Ok, ok” said Charlie’s father, “let’s go see what made the curtain move.” Bud winked at Rose and whispered “it probably was just the wind, but we’ll check it out anyway” and off the two of them went to Mr. Wilson’s dark, dreary, rat infested house. 

Larry Smarry and Shirley

Larry Smarry the shrew cared for no one. Had no use for frolic or fun.
Till one day he met a big purple Ape.

“You’re a big purple Ape.” said Larry

“Why yes I am” said the big purple Ape

“What is your name.” asked Larry

“I did not give it.” said the Ape

“My name is Larry Smarry” said the shrew. “What a funny name you have.” said the Ape

“But you still didn’t tell me your name.” said Larry

“No I didn’t.” answered the Ape and he started to walk away

“But what’s your name.” yelled Larry

The Ape turned around and whipered his name. “I didn’t hear you” said Larry

The Ape walked closer and whispered. “Shirley.”

“Shirley! But aren’t you a boy?” Larry asked with a puzzled look

“Quiet, ssshhhhhh.”  said the Ape looking around “I don’t want anyone to know my name.”

Larry started laughing and the Ape with the name of Shirley walked away.

“Hey wait. I didn’t mean to laugh. Shirley is a nice name.”

“I’m a big purple Ape. My name is Shirley. I’m a boy. It’s not a nice name for a boy.” sighed the Ape

“Why don’t you just change your name” asked Larry

“I’ve tried” said Shirley” I’ve been to Funny Name Town, Change Your Name Town, Your Name is What? Town and Say That Again Town. When I tell them my name. They all start laughing too hard to help me.
Who’s going to help a big purple Ape named Shirley.”

Larry stood looking at Shirley. He felt sorry for him.

“I’ll help you” said Larry “I’ll help you change your name.”
He couldn’t believe what he was saying ‘Me? Help someone?’ he thought to himself

“You will!” shouted Shirley “’ll help me change my name!”

“Yes...yes I will” said Larry

So Larry Smarry and Shirley the big purple Ape set off to an adventure they’ll never forget.

Why don't we finish projects? 
Donna C.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Baby? New Bib!

It's cold and snowy today so I thought I would sew up
 some of my originally designed baby bibs.
What have you got planned today.

Donna C.