Monday, May 21, 2012

Glorious Cupcakes

Aren't these cupcakes gorgeous!  These beautiful, and tasty, cupcakes will be part of Donna H's upcoming cookbook.  As the "cookbook" photographer it has been fun to marvel at the recipes and creations that Donna H has assembled each time there is a "shoot".  Four members of the Journey of Seven are involved in the groundwork:  Donna H--the pastry chef, Donna C--the graphics coordinator, Deb B--the set designer, and myself--the photographer.  One of the best parts of being involved in this project is the "tasting" of each recipe after the shoot; and, of course, the remaining members of the Journey of Seven participate:  Susan O, Margie L and Dianne K, as well as numerous "guest tasters".  All the recipes in Donna H's cookbook will have been tested and given the thumbs up!   ---Peggie


  1. These cupcakes were delicious! I do believe Donna H's cookbook will be a best seller.

  2. Ditto!!!
    Susan O'

  3. They are a wonderful tasting cupcake!
    Susan G.