Friday, May 11, 2012

Creativity Lost & Found

Peggie here.....I have been remiss in posting anything for the last few months.  My creativity took a vacation, as did the goals I had written for myself.  During this time I have been thinking and formulating a redesign of my goals, along with searching for my creative spark.  What is amazing in life is that when you think you need a boost to lift your spirits, along comes some good news.  This week I sold my second print of Motif Number One on Fine Art America and one of my fabric designs on Spoonflower was tagged as a "favorite" by a website visitor.  These two small "events" have boosted my spirits and re-ignited a spark, encouraged me to work towards a flame, and eventually towards a blazing bonfire!  Now I need a good shove to work on the new goals!


  1. Beautiful photo! Keeping plugging along!

  2. i believe it comes once in a while where we lost that sense of creativity. when it happened to me i just took the time to relax. it works!

  3. Nice photos, keep at it.