Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Invest In Your Dream

So, I've been training for this half-marathon for a couple of months. It is one of my original goals for 2012. The event is Sunday, May 27th, Memorial Day weekend. I got off my schedule a couple of times due to my unprecedented travel itinerary... but got back on track (no pun intended). I also made the dollar commitment. I signed up on-line for the race. That means if I back out now, I'm out $50 and that would not be a good thing. So, one way or the other, I will make the 13.1 mile journey around Hyannis and cross the finish line.  I have $50 in addition to my self-confidence on the line!

Sometimes this is the route we need to take, put some hard-earned money behind our goals. This is not an easy concept. Money is tight, there are always other more pressing concerns. And that is why we need to step back and look at our lives. If we are totally committed to investing ourselves in our goals, if what we are doing is truly our life's dream, then we have a responsibility to put some force behind it. If we don't, we are cheating ourselves. Our creativity will give us power but we still need a vehicle to ride in...and that might mean spending a little more money than is comfortable. I just purchased some software to help me in post-processing images. I think I do okay with composition, I kind of know how to adjust the settings but there are many great photographers out there. If I want to compete with them, I need the tools of the trade...and, unfortunately, the days of film and darkrooms are about over. I kept putting off the purchase because it seemed wasteful...but the time has come for me take a big step forward. If I stumble, so be it, but now that I've invested a bit more into my dream, I may work a bit harder to make it happen.

Last night I watched "Two Broke Girls". They managed to work their way into a gala event where Martha Stewart was a guest because they wanted to 'stalk her' and talk her into tasting one of their cupcakes for a business they are starting up. When one of the girls said to her, "I'm sorry to be talking business at a social event." Martha said something to the effect, "When you are in business, there is no wrong time to talk shop." She then pulled 4 copies of her book out of her handbag! I don't recommend stalking any celebrities but if you need to push the envelope a little, you have my unauthoritative permission!!

"If you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much space!" Anonymous

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