Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catching Up

Susan here. Just wanted to post something quick before running out to the old brick and mortar building. 

I am still working on Shutterbox 2013. I've actually made quite a bit of progress; the book has 52 pages now. I've added a couple of pages and consolidated others. Blurb has changed the way they calculate cost on their books so I need to tighten up the pages just a bit. I have one more topic I'd like to add also. It should be a fairly nice book when it is complete...just in time for me to begin Shutterbox 2014!!

I took a break from the computer last night and pulled together all the thread colors I need to begin working on one of the shepherds for the counted cross stitch nativity scene. Once I set up the cloth on the hoop, I'll be good to go. Sewing and cross stitch are nice breaks from the computer and cross stitch is something I can do while watching television (I do watch television every once in a while...but mostly I like the background noise it provides...).

I've also started organizing my photos for the annual Tri-Club competition. My submissions this year aren't very impressive...I've been kind of out of it in the realm of photography this year, so need to get back on track. I still have some time so maybe I can improve upon what I do have as they aren't due until mid-March. The one pictured here made it into the finals last year in the Weightless category; it is called "Ascension".

Lastly, Volume 2, Number 2 of Scrappy Scribers is out the door. There were only five submissions this time around. Prompt Number 3 is a photo prompt, I'm hoping that will spark the interest again. I love completing the writing assignment because it pushes me sit down and write; need to make the deadline! I've found, for some reason, that I work best with a deadline!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Enjoy the day!