Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cupcake Photo Shoot

Just wanted to share a couple of photographs from yesterday's Cupcake Photo Shoot for Donna H's upcoming dessert cookbook series.  As a photographer there are just some images that you absolutely end up loving.  The one at left is my favorite "look" of the day. It's colorful, appealing to the eye, and provides a terrific background texture.  Deb, who is a fantastic set coordinator and food stylist, created this wonderful color scheme for these fabulous cupcakes and I just love everything about it!  What do you think?

As for the frosting close-up on the right, I just want to ask:  "Don't you just want to lick off that incredible chocolate swirl?!"  The frosting is homemade, the flavor was pure chocolate heaven, and the consistency was a melt-in-your mouth dream.

Until next time.....Peggie


  1. Peg nice photo shoot! You did a great job capturing the yummy cupcakes and yes the swirl on the chocolate ones does make you want to just lick it off!

  2. Nice photography. Makes you want to reach into the photo and grab the cupcake.
    Can't wait for Donna Haddad's cookbook to be published.

  3. Oh nice shots! It makes you want to make them...well, makes you want to eat them too. Excellent.

  4. Excellent photography and food display. The cupcakes were extra delicious! Nice work Peggie, Debbie and Donna H!