Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two Photographers Having Fun

The two photographers having fun were Susan and myself, Peggie.  We traveled up to Franconia, New Hampshire, this past weekend for the annual Lupine Festival.  We saw these beautiful "weeds" in purple, pink and white growing wildly in fields, by the side of the road, and in gardens.
 During our two-day photography journey we ventured onto The Road Not Taken, stopping at the Robert Frost Home in Franconia.  Most of the time, the road not taken was actually the result of not taking the right or left we needed to in order to reach a destination.  We stumbled upon some really neat scenery by continuing on the "wrong" road!
One particularly difficult image to capture is that of "slow motion" water.  This image, taken at The Basin, is probably one of the better ones I managed out of a dozen or so.  The two days spent up in the Franconia area was glorious.  The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, and the lack of crowds and cars made it one of the best weekends ever!  And we "practiced" our craft!


  1. Beautiful photo Peggie. Lovely addition to your business,

  2. I love the image, Peggie. Good job...and it was fun!