Friday, June 15, 2012

We Can Do It!

This is Susan. I had a great opportunity on June 8th. My company paid to send me and 15 other women to the DCU Center and attend The Worcester Women's Leadership Conference. It was an exciting event beginning with the 'zero to breakthrough' speaker Vernice "Flygirl" Armour and closing the day with Lee Woodward, wife of Bob Woodward and author of "Perfectly Imperfect". In between there was a luncheon panel moderated by Paula Ebben which included JudyAnn Bigby, Suzanne Bump, and Karen Wells. The contributions these woman have made to society are unprecedented; even more inspiring was the belief each of them had in themselves.

I have always been motivated; I didn't need a conference to get me moving. What I learned at the conference is that all women face the same issues, we aren't alone. When I heard one speaker say, "Men are promoted on potential, women are promoted on performance." I nodded my head. Then another speaker said, "Women do not want to make a public mistake. Men don't seem to care. Again, my head nodded. When a breakout session leader said, "Women don't advocate for themselves, but men will." I fell back in my chair and said, "Wow. That is so true." 

We need to take credit for what we do in the workplace as well as what we do in our own 'life businesses'. If you did the work, let everyone know you did the work...and be sure your name is on top of the list of contributors. Women are taught that being aggressive and wanting to win is not lady-like. Well, you need to forget what you were taught. Your mother meant well but she didn't have to fight for position in a dog eat dog world; you do.We have to learn that winning is a good thing, that it is not un-ladylike and it is okay to aggressively pursue our dreams.

In business, it has always been 'no holds barred'. We were just too busy keeping our legs crossed at the ankles and our hands folded on our laps to notice the boys outside our window. You know who they were, the ones who built a tree house and then tacked up a  'No gIRls AllOwEd' sign on the outside. Well, it's time to climb the tree, ladies.

"You HAVE permission to engage!" Vernice "Flygirl" Armour

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