Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Presentation

This is Susan. Tonight I gave a presentation on my trip to Greece which I took with my sister-in-law and friend Minnie. It was part of a travel series held at the Stoughton Public Library. I kind of shocked myself because I wasn't the least bit nervous and actually had an awesome time. The presentation went for about 1-1/2 hours which was a bit longer than I planned but I think it was because people asked questions and there was some back and forth conversation. If I do another I will be able to plan it a little better time wise. But that was the only thing I think I would change. I think my Organization was good and strategy for walking through the show worked well. Very happy I got such a long presentation under my belt and am hoping the next 100 will be as rewarding. And thanks to my JOS friend Peggie who was able to make the ride to Stoughton to support my first public presentation, and Minnie and Lindsay, and George and Laura, my camera club friends.


  1. Outstanding and Congratulations Susan!

  2. The presentation was fabulous, the audience was attentive very interactive with comments and questions. U thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learning the history of Greece! Bravo Susan!