Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding My Center

So here I am sitting in front of a blank screen trying to think of a somewhat interesting topic to post on today's blog. And I keep coming up empty. So I walked through my apartment figuring if I stepped away for a minute or two, something would come to mind. What I found was...I really love my little apartment. Yes, I was (and maybe still am) in the market for my own place. Some little cottage or small ranch that I can call my own...but this apartment would be extremely difficult to leave. It is five small rooms just the right size for has character too; slanted ceilings, built in shelving, my own deck and side yard, driveway, plenty of storage and my own washer/dryer in the basement. Why would I want to leave? And, yes, the rent is very attractive. So why do I feel compelled to move?? 

Sometimes I think it is because I am acclimated to change...I've lived in nine different places since my first son was born, many more before that. That is a tough cycle to break; gypsy blood or 'carney' fever...whatever. Other times I think it would be nice to finally, after all these years, own my own place to do what I want when I want...without asking permission. The main driver, initially, was getting closer to my grandsons...and soon to be one more. that really necessary? Maybe if I make some changes to other parts of my putting more effort into my Boston Harbor Book...or entering exhibits...or learning more about travel writing, running workshops, feeding my creative passion, I can just stay put...have a nice solid home-base to work from. Maybe if I let go of this dream that has no solid foundation...and concentrate on the many dreams that do...I will find the satisfaction I yearn for. 

Maybe it is time for me to settle down right where I am, find my center and, instead of running to what I think I want just stretch my limits, extend my reach...and pull all those wonderful things I'm yearning for right back to my cute little apartment.


  1. Sometimes our happiness is right in front of us and we don't realize it until we take a step back and really look at what's important.

    By the way, what's cooking on the stove and was I invited!

  2. Exactly. And you are right, all you need do sometimes is step back, take a deep breath and open your eyes.

    Photo is from Thanksgiving a couple of years ago...crowded but fun.

  3. Fantastic post again. Sometimes we just have to stop and ask ourselves the important questions before we "jump" into something, big or small! I'm with Donna, what was cooking on the stove?