Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Passion Is Still There

So today I took a quick ride to Webb Memorial Park...just to get out with my camera and get back into the swing of things. My photos aren't so great; it was late afternoon under cloudy skies. But the fact was, I took my camera and made the effort to get out where it was possible I could have caught a sunset. I didn't...but I did see a little red bird in the thickets... I wasn't able to get a decent photo but I had fun scouting his hiding place... and had the pleasure of talking with two other women who were doing their daily walk (both asked what I was chasing LOL ). It felt good to be out with my camera. Although the day was fruitless in the sense I got not one decent photo, it proved to me the passion is still there and all I need to do is feed it.

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