Friday, March 1, 2013

Finally Figured It Out

This morning I was checking my mail when an online 'teaser' article grabbed my attention. The article was titled, "How To Tell If A Woman Is Going To Be Successful In Business". In a nutshell, " science has revealed that the size of a woman's ring finger can predict her entrepreneurship, career interests, and a host of other traits essential to success in a high stakes, high tech career." 

The article gives some stats on hi-tech businesses owned by women; a dozen companies in the Fortune 500, 4.3% of venture funded companies are owned by women, that the thousands of businesses owned by women are supported by credit cards and personal loans, etc., not investment money.

What did this scientific study find? "... that analysis of the photos found that the more successful the entrepreneur, the longer the ring finger compared to the index finger. The most successful entrepreneurs had ring fingers 10% to 20% longer than their index finger." 

So, what did I immediately do? I looked at both my ring fingers! And guess what I found? Both are SHORTER than the index finger; 2.75" compared to 3.00"! All this time I thought it was me...and, well, it is but the answer to why began in my mother's womb over 56 years ago!

I will put the link to the article so you can read it yourself as there is scientific proof, all based on  the testosterone and estrogen hormones in the womb. But basically it is as follows:
1. The limbic part of the brain (emotion / memory) develops at the same time that the fingers lengthen
2. Testosterone lengthens fingers, Estrogen stops their growth
3. The index finger has less receptors for these two hormones than the ring finger
4. Testosterone and Estrogen play a huge part in how the brain develops/functions
5. The more testosterone in the brain, the stronger your body is to react to the everyday fluctuations in testosterone in your bloodstream
6. The better you can handle the testosterone in your body, the more you can stand up to the non-females in the corporate world because you are working on a more level playing field (testosterone usage)
7. In short (no pun intended) shorter ring finger, less able to handle corporate mumbo-jumbo.

Okay ladies, get out the rulers!!|main5|dl6|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D276843


  1. Excellent post! Of course I looked at my hands and my ring finger is only a hair shorter than the index finger on both hands! I used to be able to put up with corporate BS but as I got older and experienced, I can't seem to tolerate it. Thankfully my ring finger hasn't shrunk with that attitude!

  2. My index finger on my right hand is longer than my ring finger. On my left hand my index finger is just a tiny bit longer, so I pulled it up more to make it look longer. Guess I'm an entrepreneur. Now, what does it mean if your middle finger is the longest of all your fingers.

  3. Geez, I don't know...but I found a cool site...probably all nonsense...but a fun read at lunch...I'll see what it says.