Saturday, March 9, 2013

So I'm still doing eBay.....

Well I thought I'd write an update on my eBay progress.  I'm having alot of fun posting my items on their website since Fall of 2012.  There are busy times and slow times.  It was slow after the holiday season but now that Spring is around the corner, people are looking for their special items.  It is a great 'extra income' business and although I've learned alot I have alot still to learn.  Everyone I've sold to are very nice to do business with.  I've also purchased off eBay and had a good experience.

In the meantime, I have been asked by Donna, ,to create zipper pulls for her accessory bags. Her bags are adorable and you'll see some of the zipper pulls I made for her. She designs her own fabric to make these bags.  While you're visiting her site, check out her baby bibs, cards/invitations and her iron-on transfers. All her own designs and very affordable! You'll love them!

So, I use to do beading years ago.  I stopped working with them and gave what remained away.  Well after Donna asked me to help her, I started visiting Michael's, ACMoore and Joann's to come up with some ideas.  Oh jeez.  All the beads I use to have don't compare to ALL the beads I have now purchased to make the zipper pulls!  I have been playing and have made the zipper pulls, wine charms, memory wire bracelets and a couple of keychains! I'm out of control and so is my wallet!  I go into these stores with a fist full of coupons and come out with 'clearance items' and 'sale items' and I use my coupons! They all probably wonder what I'm now looking for because the first thing I do is always head towards the 'beading' section!  I might roam around but then I would see other things I want to do and my mind can't be confused with too many things!

Of course, looking at the picture below, you probably say 'her room looks pretty confused'!!
Well, this is my room. It's a sweatshop (I'm the only worker), a bedroom, an eBay room, computer room, tv room.  I have no other room available for me to scatter everything around.  My goal is to make enough money to take an 'organizing your space' class!!

Now Peggie has asked me to help her out by coming up with a subtle beading embellishment for her beautiful handbags that she is creating.  You'll be able to see her shop on soon.  Please look for her listed as Bags by Peggie.
(I have coupons for this next project too)!

So what have you created today?


  1. Your room doesn't look messy to me, it looks entrepreneurial. Call it your beading room. As long as you have a clear path to your bed at the end of day, you're on your way to great success.

  2. Great post Deb! I think you have done a great job creating a space to be able to do all that you do in there. And as Donna said, as long as you can find your bed, and see the tv, life is good!

  3. Glad to hear you are back at beading. You are incredibly creative. I love the zipper pulls on Donna's bags and what a great idea, to do some creative embellishments for Peggie's bags!! Awesome! And I agree with the others, your room is not messy considering all the functions it has to support!!