Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's In Your Backyard?

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and I went to visit my son and his family for the day. Later in the evening we went to the fireworks display in the harbor.

What was the most fun during the day was walking around my son's backyard with my five-year-old grandson who loves to take photographs. He had my SLR camera strapped around his neck...and I was behind him holding the strap just to be sure there were no accidents. He took many photos, most of which will need to be discarded, but many that I'll save in a file for him. He also 'helped' me take the fireworks image on this page.

He  made a comment when taking a picture of a mushroom in the corner of the yard that I thought worth remembering. He said, "Wow I can really see what's in my backyard now!". Photography makes us slow down, take a deep breath, and see life. How often do we walk through life not noticing the little things around us? We see the forest, but not the trees, we don't notice the bees on the sunflower or the bird with a worm dangling from her beak. This is one of the reasons I love photography. Like everyone else, I'm always rushing here to there, doing this, doing that. Life really is a big, old rat race. Something needs to slow us down so that we can enjoy our lives and soak in all the beauty around us. For me, that medicine is photography.

I hope my grandson continues to love taking photographs and being amazed at the little things he sees through the lens, even tiny mushrooms in the corner of his backyard.


  1. I hope Kameron has the same love of photography as his Gramma Sue.

  2. Susan, great photo and great post. Kameron is wise way behind his years. You are right, we do need to slow life down sometimes and enjoy what is around us. I'm with you, photography does make you stop and notice.

  3. How cute is that that Kameron loves to take photos! Good for him and he may just take a liking for it as he grows up! Love the fireworks photo!