Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Splash of Flowers

The hardest part of creating these fabric designs was coming up with a name for the collection. Writing makes my head spin. Trying to find words are nearly impossible some days.
Here are some ideas I came up with before I settled on
Splash of Flowers Collection.
Fun Florals Collection, Colorful Florals Collection, Fun Flowers Collection, Fun in the Sun Flowers Collection, Fun and more Fun Flowers Collection, Multi-Colored Flowers Collection, Flower of Flowers Collection, Millions of Flowers Collection, Trillions of Flowers Collection, Cute but Smelly Flowers Collection, No One Really Cares Flowers Collection, Are You Looking at Me Flowers Collection, Stop Looking at Me Flowers Collection, No Name Flowers Collection, Dried Up Flowers Collection, How Long are you Going to Take Naming This Collection Flowers Collection, You Can Draw but You Sure Can't Write Flowers Collection.

I envy writers who find words.

Flowers anyone?

Donna C.


  1. Donna you sure named the patterns alot of different and funny names! I love the patterns!

  2. Your sense of humor is showing!!! Such fun patterns and colors. It is difficult to name one of your creations, no matter what it is. I have such a hard time putting a title on a photograph, I keep switching it around. Your patterns are your creation so it's like naming your children, it's very personal. I like Splash of Flowers, it sounds refreshing.