Sunday, July 29, 2012

Slow the Pace

So this week has not been a good one for me as it relates to short-term memory. I won't go into detail. To be honest, I'm really tired of listening to myself and reliving the trials of the past few days..and I don't want to let minor nuisances mar the memories of the wonderful vacation I just returned from. Let's just say that I need to start paying much more attention to the little, seemingly harmless, details in my life. I feel like I'm soaring over the mountain tops...and ignoring the valleys and rivers below me. Time to slow down the pace and immerse myself in the details of my personal life...the same way I immerse myself into the details of my corporate life. The former is as important, if not more important, than the latter. I want to do so much, see so much, live every minute of every hour that I'm constantly in overdrive. Sooner or later it will catch up, especially as the inevitable era of aging, absent-mindedness and all that comes with it sneaks into our life...and this week it did. So I am making a promise to myself that I will slow the pace, schedule time for rest and/or meditation, and make conscious decisions...even if it is only remembering where I put a memory card.


  1. Very good Susan. Slow the pace down and stop to smell the flowers, or photograph them. You do run a hectic life and time to unwind for you!

  2. Great post! Time to cut the "fat" out of the day and focus on what matters personally. What you want to do to make YOU happy each and every day. I blame the "memory" thing more on "outside" stimuli than I do for getting old. Bet those memory cards show up in the oddest place.