Sunday, January 26, 2014


My post today is about procrastination and how it leads to clutter which, we all know, is as an impediment to creativity. I get junk mail, I put junk mail on table, one envelope becomes a dozen, dozen envelopes are moved to office and placed on scanner. Pen does not write, put pen back in drawer, need a pen that does write, pull out some boxes, find pen, leave boxes on floor. See where I'm going here? If I shredded the junk mail when I got it, it would not have had twelve babies and took up a homestead on my scanner only to fall off, get scattered on the floor and be shoved into an 'I will look at this later' bag! If I put the broken pen in the trash, pulled out a couple of new ones and put them in the drawer and put the boxes back where they belong, I would not have tripped over them and cursed my cluttered room while looking for a pen. I can't work in this today, I will quit procrastinating, un-clutter my office and get on with doing the things I love to do. 

Well, maybe I'll have lunch first.


  1. While eating lunch think about decluttering and then take a nap. Simple.

  2. Great post! I sometimes think that junk mail multiplies like "Tribbles" (from Star Trek)!