Friday, January 24, 2014


Well, I spent some time the past few nights and finished up the last of my short essays for Shutterbox 2013, the camera club portfolio I've done each year since I joined the SSCC. There are sixteen essays in all; one essay for each of the two images per month submitted into competition. I had written the sixteen haikus a while back and only made minor revisions to them. I just sent the package off to my 'editor' for review (photos, haikus and essays) and am looking forward to his suggestions for polishing them up. I have to pull some more information together for the book; the images I entered into Tri-Club and the two juried shows I entered images into. (I think it was two!) I want to complete this by the middle of February.

Anyway, I'm happy I've made some progress on one of my goals anyway. It's contagious; the more I write, the more I want to write. I'm looking for the inspiration I need so that I can get moving on my poetry book...hmmm, maybe it's under that stack of junk mail on my desk.


  1. Go Susan go! Your motivation is inspirational.

  2. Good for you Susan! I agree with Donna, your motivation is inspirational, and it's catchy!