Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Progress...

I thought I would write a quick post before running out the door to work. I'm happy to say Shutterbox 2013 is well on its way to completion. My editor has reviewed the essays and made some suggested edits, the photos, essays and haikus have been input into the book template and, I must say, it looks very nice. I've also pulled all the Tri-Club entries as well as the three submissions to the Quincy Arts Fest and added them to the book template. I have more writing to well as massaging the layout...but I feel good about the progress made so far. Also, those two wise men who were imprisoned on my embroidery hoop for a few years...well they can finally stand with wise man number one next Christmas. They are complete! I mentioned my impatience at not completing this project in a previous post. The Shephard is next...what is a nativity scene without a shephard!

'Scrappy Scribers' Volume 2 began last week after taking a hiatus over the holidays. So far it has been extremely slow...but I am hoping it will pick up. This is a good concept for writers who need an outlet...but I may need to shake things up a bit to get more involvement. 
Until next time!

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