Monday, January 20, 2014

Swift Kick To Procrastination!

It is typical January weather tonight; cold and windy. I just took Neely for her walk and am tucked in for the night. 

I had a somewhat successful evening. I pulled together all the Scrappy Scribers essays done in Volume 1 and sent it to the Scrappy Scribers group as "Scrappy Scribers Compilation" Volume 1! Beginning on 1/26/14, Volume 2 will begin with a new prompt. I'm hoping to add a few more writers to the group, enticed by some thought-provoking prompts. I also wrote three more short essays for Shutterbox 2013. This is a small portfolio of my camera club experience which I have done every year since I joined in 2009...except this year I am about 6 months late!! I better finish it before I need to work on Shutterbox 2014! 

I feel like I'm on my way again, on my way to achieving a few goals and kicking my procrastination out the front door.

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  1. Every step forward is a good step! Great picture of Neely-Dog!