Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetry: High School Musings or Serious Writing?

Hi. My name is Susan and I am finally getting around to writing my first blog. My passions are writing poetry and photography (along with a keen interest in area history). 

When some people find out that you 'write poetry' you can almost hear them chuckling inside. Poetry is often associated with the heartsick school girl writing about the boy who doesn't know she exists; the painful reflections of unrequited love. Sometimes silly, sometimes whiny, sometimes misunderstood... but never taken seriously. I was one of those high school girls making rhyme in the back of my geometry notebook. I still have a few pieces of evidence. And, yes, they were silly,  a little too sweet, sometimes sad and often whining...but they served a purpose; a creative outlet for dealing with life. 

I never stopped writing poems but today my poetic topics are a little more 'grown-up'. I had resisted telling folks I wrote poetry because I thought I wouldn't be taken seriously, especially in my corporate job. I finally realized that I had to be true to who I am...and what my passions are. Writing poetry is a creative outlet, a means of expressing myself that is far from 'flighty'. I take my writing very seriously and will struggle for days and even weeks to find the words which express my thoughts. 

Any misconceptions about poetry writing need to be kicked to the curb! I just completed a book, "30 Poems In 30 Days" which I hope is a good start. My next project on the Boston Harbor Islands will contain original poetry along with photographs and historical prose. I believe this will differentiate my book from all the others now in the market as well as to get more people to read, and enjoy, the poetic verse. 

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  1. Beautifully written. You are an amazing writer.