Monday, April 2, 2012

Come si dice in Italiano?

Last night I wrote a blog about one of my current projects, a book on the Boston Harbor Islands. Tonight I wanted to write a few words on another project, learning conversational Italian. 

Greek Tavern
There are a couple of reasons I embarked on this wonderful learning experience; I just wish I could put my finger on the first one. I find such satisfaction in mastering even just a few phrases in another language...and I don't know exactly why. It fascinates me. I self-studied German for a couple of years...but without folks to converse with (and no trips to Germany in sight) it didn't stick. I went to Greece last year and for the trip I learned some basic Greek and was on a real 'high' when I was actually understood. I was understood so well in fact that shopkeepers began rattling off whole conversations before I could tell them I was American and knew only some phrases and numbers in Greek. 

I took up Italian (which I must admit I am retaining much better than the German or Greek) because some of us 'Fab' women are planning a trip to Italy! We were supposed to go in 2013 but I kind of messed that up. After some soul-searching (and a very expensive car repair bill) I realized I needed to get my finances in order a bit more before traveling abroad. I am so grateful the other 'fab' women talked it over and are pushing the trip off to 2014! I can still go with them...and we'll have more time to save for it! (Thanks my wonderful Journey of Seven friends!) I have lots of time to study Italian and am planning a trip into the North End this winter to try it out...a nice Italian dinner with JOS! 

For now...Buona Notte!

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