Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yay, è Sabato!

Hello. This is Susan. I just realized that I neglect to give my name when I write a post! Duh-h-h!! Anyway, it's Saturday and I am just a tad bit behind my schedule on the Boston Harbor book...but with only one poem left to write, I'm feeling good. I have no doubt I'll catch up. And the conversational Italian is going very well. I can't wait for Margie to get further into her CDs so that we can converse...and see if we really understand each other!! That will be so much fun! The 3rd goal I'm chasing down is to run a half-marathon at the end of May. I run a little and last summer I did my first 10K...I was so nervous at the starting line...I didn't want to look foolish...but I did okay and finished in 2nd place (Yay!!) in a bracket with 2 people (still Yay!!). I've been really good with my training schedule and only had one hiccup when I went on a weekend ski trip. My goal is to complete the half-marathon before they take down the finish line and there is nothing there but me, alone, with ticker tape swirling around my feet... a soft wind blowing in from the Atlantic...and the camera reverse zooming away from me, all alone, on Main Street in Hyannis. Hey, Margie, I needed to run 4 miles today...and ran toward your place. Do you know your driveway is exactly 2 miles from my own front door? I said 'good morning' but I doubt if you heard me. However if you sensed the presence of one of your gumbas panting and gasping for air on the sidewalk in front of your driveway...Hello! It was me! 

Hey, all my sister JOS-ites, where are you? I want to hear about how you're doing? 

Until next time...

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