Saturday, October 6, 2012

Found an interest

My name is Deb and I've been trying for quite a while to figure out what to do with my free time.  I've decided to sell some items, that I have had lying around, on eBay! I posted my very 1st 3 items today!  It's been a challenge learning how to sell on eBay, lots of reading, and following how other people list similar items.  But I think once I've started it should be a little easier to navigate.  I have a daughter who sells on eBay and she's been a help with questions I've had.
If you're curious to see what I've posted and will be posting, you can go to and when you get into the screen on the top right, down a little you will see Advanced. Click on that and it will bring you to another screen and on the left it will show By seller. Click on that and you will see Enter seller's user id.  Then put pinkserenity16, go down a bit and click search.  Will bring up all, if any, items I've got listed. You can click on the item description to see details!
I'm excited to follow the outcomes!


  1. Deb! Congratulations on your new enterprise. Love the three items you chose to start your new businesss with! This is most exciting! I wish you much luck and success! ....Peggie

  2. Wonderful!! Congratulations! Much success! I am very happy for you......Donna C.

  3. Excellent!! There is no stopping you now. Congratulations...Maria

  4. Congratulations on your new endeavor. I know you will be successful...I'm so happy you found something that interests you and, I'm sure, you will be exceptional at!