Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11/12 and the question "Why do I...?".

Today is 10/11/12. I thought that was interesting so just wanted to throw it out there for whatever trivial reasoning there may be. I'm sure I'll get an email today telling me that the next time I see consecutive dates such as this will be 11/12/13 or something like that....oh well, more for the spam folder. But my reason for blogging this morning is not to complain about silly and/or meaningless emails, I do enough of them myself... and many I get are quite thought provoking. Those help to keep my  priorities straight and my complaints about tiredness, financial concerns, time constraints, etc. to a minimum. No, my reason for writing this morning is I need to get my butt off the couch and get back to doing the things I love to do; writing, photography and poetry. What is my problem!! I've been a slacker (my words, not anyone else's). I haven't been a total slug, I've been cleaning...I do this when I can't focus because it requires little of the thinking mechanism in the gray matter.

I just 'organized' my office for the umpteenth time. See the photos below. I purposely took the top 3 photos from a high angle because I didn't want you to see the small pile of 'stuff' I still have in the middle of the floor. That is the last photo. Sure, it doesn't look like much...but those drawers are all the little stuff I might need some day...and need to keep within arm's reach; ribbon, photo corners, red tape, a measuring tape, little tiny notebooks, you get the picture. I figure if I have to keep walking around it, I'll put it away. Hmmm, let's see how that works out.

Also, at one of our JOS meetings, Dianne was talking about how, why was it that we could walk by the same thing (magazine, sweater, notebook, wrapping paper, etc.) in our house...knowing it didn't belong there, and still leave it there for days, even weeks and not put it away!! We all do it...why?? That is kind of up there with my next issue which I realized while cleaning my office.

See these photos below? Three disposable cameras, a black plastic disk with a red plastic overlay, two torn open memory card packages, a Pimsleur marketing insert, and a Braintree Community School brochure. Quite an array of 'what the heck should I do with this' items. These gnats (for lack of a better word for something that keeps picking at you) have been moved from here to there to over there, to inside this to on top of that, hidden in drawers and lying on tabletops. They have no home. Why do I keep them? Will the 'Gods of Clutter' please enlighten me!! 

Let's see...three new disposable cameras (hey, two of them are 800 ISO and the other is a water camera!!) may be useful for ummm, well, a photo project I can give myself when I don't have anything to do...sounds cool, right? And the black plastic disk may be an important piece of equipment that belongs to something I know I haven't used in 7.5 years but will some day and I'll be upset when I can't find the darn piece! And hey, the memory card issue? We all know about the memory cards that disappeared like Houdini's rabbit. Gone!! Vanished!! So I torture myself daily with 'where are they'? Not so much the cost...that has been swallowed up in my ever-increasing's the idea that I blacked out for five minutes and can't remember what I did with them...back in July!! How long must I torture myself about this? The Pimsleur insert is to remind me to go online and see if there is a vocabulary list for part 2...hmmm, seems simple enough. Be Nike, 'Just Do It'. And the community school brochure...well, there is a Zumba class and a Belly Dancing class there I want to sign up for...I think they already began...but I need the brochure to remind me to sign up before they play the last Salsa or my hip scarf gathers moth holes. I guess I need to wiggle my way over to the school and sign up...or toss the brochure in the recycle. (At least Braintree uses recyclable paper for this).

 So, I think I may have broken my couch potato spell with this post. I hope so. Hey, if anyone has some good ideas about what to do with all my cool stuff shown here, let me know! I'm always open for suggestions. Talk later!


  1. I absolutely love this post. It's so true, all of it. And the eternal question IS "Why do I...."!

  2. Susan interesting thoughts on how you feel about 'slacking' off. I don't think of you that way and maybe you just need some down time. You are always on the go! Sometimes we just need a break whether we look for it or not. Maybe you don't know what to do when there is a break?
    Just my 2 cents!

  3. Oh and by the way the 10/11/12 is very interesting. That is my granddaughter's birthday too!