Friday, October 19, 2012

Bread and Puppet Museum

What can be said about the Bread and Puppet Museum...a lot, but whatever is written about it cannot come close to actually experiencing the museum.  This strange, frightening, yet fascinating museum is located at 753 Heights Road (Route 122) in Glover, a small, winding country road in the Northern Kingdom of Vermont.

Every inch of the museum, including the ceilings, are filled with fascinating puppets, drawings, and carvings - just to name a few.  The puppets range from 5' tall and soar to at least 25'!  On the visit in early October, four of us had the museum all to ourselves, which was great, yet spooky.  Throughout the two-story museum faces peered out and down at us from every angle, such as the two in this photo.  There has never been quite a museum like it that I have ever visited.

If you find yourself in the North Kingdom of Vermont, make this museum a "must stop" destination!  You can read more about this fabulous museum at Bread and Puppet Museum


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  1. Interesting there were so many spooky puppets like these you show and the sizes. I can't imagine the mind of the person that actually made them! Amazing.