Monday, November 26, 2012

Where or where has my creativity gone

How long can someone stare at a blank piece of paper waiting for their creativity to kick in. Yup, I'm having one of those days. Should I take a cleansing walk? Listen to inspirational music? Sit in darkness and channel the spirit of DaVinci? Will that help me find my lost creativity?? Or run to the refrigerator and bury my head in chocolate cake.
Donna C.


  1. Donna, you absolutely have not lost your creativity. Your drawing is fabulous, the posting made me laugh out loud. What you have created is a new character! Run with her.
    I just want to know, which choice did you make?

  2. Peggie, I chose taking a walk but as I headed out the door, the refrigerator pulled me back and into the chocolate cake.

  3. Donna I love this drawing! It needs to become a card for many occassions!! I think your thoughts are so funny and deciding to go to the fridge for the chocolate cake is a good decision. That usually takes care of the 'blahs'!!