Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Designs by Peggie on Zazzle

Started another "income stream" on Zazzle.  It's a neat little site where I am having fun designing products, mostly using my photographs, and sometimes my creativity when it sparks!  I opened the site in mid-October but struggled for quite a while with the look and feel.  After playing around, and waiting for that darn creativity spark, I have a pretty decent looking site at the moment.

Here are a couple of samples of the products I have designed.  The bag is a "small messenger bag" with an image of the US Flag that I shot this past Memorial Day in Boston's Public Garden.

The iPhone cover is an abstract of a flower I shot in the Boston Common (I think, LOL).

Anyway, it's fun to come up with designs and ideas.  Stop by and check out Designs by Peggie


  1. That is great Peggie! The designs look good. Congratulations!

  2. Very nice designs. Like the flag on the messenger bag. Good luck on your new Zazzle site.
    Donna C.

  3. Excellent idea to use your photos on the products! Good luck!