Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You've Always Had The Power

Isn't this the truth? There is so much power, so much strength inside us that we have not even begun to tap our true potential.I ask myself the same question over and over; why don't you just forge ahead and see what happens? Maybe all we need is to ignite the fuse and the fireworks will begin. Not every venture will be a dud. And if you hit a dozen duds in a row, so what? The cost of igniting the fuse is minimal, especially compared to the cost of sitting on our hands and watching the world, and the years, march past. 
We have the power to make our dreams come true...but we are afraid to use it. Why? I think this is the question that we must ask ourselves. Why don't we want to see how far we can push the envelope, how far outside the lines we can color, what life is like outside the box?  Are we afraid someone will laugh at us? Maybe. We all remember being laughed at and teased when we failed at something. Childhood memories are hard to hold down. So maybe the answer is, you don't. Let them go. Maybe they are clogging the release valve. Maybe our power is stuck behind them, waiting to fuel our dreams and those damn memories are blocking the outlet. Bring your insecurities into the light of day and set them free. You don't need them anymore. They are holding you back.
It's okay to stumble. Hell, it's okay to fall flat on your face in front of your worst enemies!! Either of these things means you took off your safety harness, removed the training wheels and depended on the power inside you to keep you upright. It will be rough at first, but each time you pull the power from within, it will grow in strength and become more dependable. If you don't use it, your power will stay stuck behind those damn insecurities until eternity.
Be Dorothy. Believe in your power. 

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  1. Susan, A very powerful and insightful post. The questions you wrote to ask ourselves are ones to seriously ponder. It is true, we all have the "power" to change our lives in pursuit of what we have dreamed and wished for.