Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quincy Arts Festival-Mentoring Young Artists

I haven't posted on the JOS blog in quite a while so when the events of this weekend unfolded, I thought it might be a good time to get back into the habit. One of my goals is to enter into my photographs into more juried shows. One of the first of the year is the Quincy Arts Festival held at Merrymount Park in Quincy, MA.

This year I entered three images into the Quincy Arts Festival. It was really exciting to see them on display in such a highly visible arena and in such fine company. The three images I entered were "Carriage Ride Through Central Park", "Abandoned Car" and "Gateway To Zion". This was actually the first time I placed images into a show and felt really strong about each of them. I think these three are my best work to date and am quite proud of them. None of the three won anything, but that is okay. They pleasure of seeing them on display was worth it. But I do know two wonderful, very talented young photographers who did win a ribbon!!

My two grandsons had photographs entered. Kameron, who is now 6, took the photo "Hi Little Puppy" when in Lake Placid over a year ago. Richard, who is 14, entered a beautiful shot he took in the Grand Canyon, "Deer at the Grand Canyon". Both boys won an Honorable Mention and the older one also won an Award of Excellence! I was (and am) very proud of both of them...and hope that they will be inspired by this win and enjoy photography for many, many years. And kudos to the Quincy Arts Festival organizers for enabling youngsters like Richard and Kameron to experience art in its many shapes and forms.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience.


  1. Loved your photos Susan! Congrats to Kameron and Richard....the Quincy Arts Fest is indeed a wonderful experience for the younger generation; and what great encouragement for the two boys to maybe pursue more opportunities in the art world!

  2. Congratulations to all. I love the abandoned car photograph (should have won a ribbon).
    You must be proud of your grandkids and their talent; just like their Gramma Sue.